Forum understands the unique needs of the healthcare industry and is well-positioned to support your organization in solving its toughest challenges. 


Real-World Outcomes:

  • Positioned client for long-term growth through transformational organization-wide development.
  • Enhanced efficiency of daily operations by implementing systems strategy.
  • Improved processes for online customer/employee engagement in health and wellness programs.
  • Developed pragmatic growth plan based in realities of local environment.
  • Minimized time-to-value of newly created population health management program, using agile approach.
  • Enhanced strategic goal trajectory through alignment of business and information systems functions.
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How We Are Different:

Savvy: Working with payors, providers, and employers on their healthcare challenges gives us unique perspective and insight.

Realistic: Plans are created by our seasoned healthcare experts and vetted with our partners in industry leadership roles.

Customized: Engagement teams are created and scaled to meet your specific needs.

Aligned: Strategy and implementation designed with the organization’s mission, vision, and positioning in mind, given the evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Committed: Forum is based in the Pacific Northwest with an intimate knowledge of traditional healthcare organizations, employers, consumers, and the emerging disruptors.  We drive solutions with a focus on long-term value because we live here.


Healthcare Expertise:


We’re ready to partner with you on addressing those complex problems that keep you up at night.