Inspiring and Accelerating Female Entrepreneurship

According to the American Council on Education, women have earned half or more of all baccalaureate degrees for the past three decades and half of all doctoral degrees for almost a decade. However, despite the number of female graduates available for leadership positions, globally the proportion of senior business roles held by women stands at 24%, up slightly from 22% in 2015 (Forbes). Forum Solutions’ Marissa Iannarone shares her recommendations to inspire and accelerate female leaders.

Securing Patient Data in an Increasingly Connected World – Don’t Forget the Human Factor

No shock that protecting any customer’s data is increasingly keeping IT leadership awake at night. Healthcare being perhaps the penultimate example, organizations constantly wrestle with balancing availability of data with security concerns. Yet healthcare presents inherent challenges that go well beyond the realm of the traditional IT purview.

How Forum Solutions Helped Seattle Children’s Migrate and Upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning System

Over the course of a year, the Forum Solutions team, working hands-on across all functions of the organization, helped Seattle Children’s create a clear vision for leading the massive change the organization would undergo.  This included developing an integrated and actionable program plan with clear roles and responsibilities and a strong change management and communication plan.  Forum Solutions facilitated the collaboration across business, technology and vendor resources to drive forward as a single, cohesive team effort.

Reflections on an Enterprise System Upgrade

For the last 12 months, I had an incredible opportunity to live and breathe an enterprise-level software system upgrade that impacted all major functional areas of a local healthcare organization. My functional title was Project Coordinator handling reporting and assessing progress but my role was to be the “connective tissue” between business stakeholders, operational resources, and technical teams. For over 12 months we drove the various workstreams to a successful launch in June of this year. Now complete and operational, here are my top 5 takeaways from this effort.

Clinical Data Entry Solutions Roadmap for a National Integrated Healthcare Organization

Forum Solutions worked with the client’s senior advisory board to first evaluate the pilots and then to evaluate specific solutions, from deploying scribes in primary and specialty care to advanced voice-to-data applications. Solutions were evaluated across a variety of criteria co-developed by the Forum team, including the provider experience, ability to affect provider work-life balance, clinical quality, and patient experience.

Should primary care providers get scribes?

Many health systems are experimenting with ways to lessen the burden on primary care, including changing scheduling practices to accommodate different types of visits, implementing call centers, and creating value-based (rather than volume based) compensation plans. Some are providing scribes, a third person in the room (or virtually) documenting the visit in the medical record in “real” time.

Three “Top Consultants” Join Forces at Forum Solutions in Seattle

Forum Solutions’ three co-founders and managing directors – Shelley Holm, Paul Lambert, and Geeta McCormack – were interviewed by Seattle radio 101 KXL’s Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach. They were asked to speak on topics ranging from how they got their starts with Forum to the sectors and the projects that they are actively engaged in.